Folding Half Dollar - Watch Video Demo!

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Folding coins have so many uses that it would be impossible to list them all. The most popular is the coin in the bottle. Magician magically places a coin inside a bottle being held by a spectator and then removes it and passes it around for examination. A real mind blower! There are many other uses for folding coins and a lot of books are available on the subject.  You freely show your spectator an empty beer or pop bottle and, after he examines the blazes out of it, you let HIM hold it by the neck. You now take a Half Dollar and proceed to PUSH IT THROUGH THE SOLID BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE! The spectator may look into the bottle and jiggle it to verify that the coin is indeed INSIDE THE BOTTLE (which it really is). As the spectator then looks at the coin resting in the bottom of the bottle, you tell him to place his palm under the bottle. A magic word from you INCREDIBLY causes the coin to again PENETRATE the bottom of the bottle as it falls into the spectators waiting hand! This is great IMPROMPTU magic at parties or at a pub! You can use ANY bottle. Our high-impact routine lifts this effect from an amazing trick to a MIRACLE!"

Folding Half Dollar

Watch Demo

Includes real folding half dollar, 3 extra specialty bans and directions. We also carry in our shop folding quarters and extra rubber band refills.

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